Great Taste Handmade British Salami and Chorizo

Great Taste Handmade British Salami and Chorizo

Great Taste Handmade British Salami and Chorizo


Safely Drying & Curing at the Eggshed

Happy New Year... the order book is OPEN once more!

Only the best quality ingredients and outdoor reared pork are used to create our artisan salamis and chorizo.

They are all made by hand and then air dried for up to 5 weeks until they are ready to eat. We are proud to be SALSA registered, meeting high standards in food safety. Order on-line today!

GREAT TASTE AWARDS: We are delighted that several of our handmade salami and chorizo have won Great Taste Awards.  The Tuscan Salami won 2 stars in 2020 and 2019 and the Sopressata Salami has won 1 star both 2019 and 2020, along with our Sweet Spot Chorizo which won 1 star 2020 too. In 2019 our Chorizo won 2 stars and Walnut Sticks and Blueberry Sticks won 1 star each!

High animal welfare standards are very important to us and we only use one supplier for all our pork meat, knowing exactly how and where everything is reared has always been a priority for us.

Our unique British Charcuterie is available through many passionate, independent business’-  pizzerias, restaurants, delis, farm shops, markets, food festivals and is also here through our online shop.

The Handmade Scotch Egg Co Ltd acquires Severn Spots Ltd

In June 2021 we were thrilled to acquire the Severn Spots range of Salami and Chorizo.

As fellow farmers market traders we have known Severn Spots from their outset, becoming one of their very first trade customers.  Over the last 10 years Rich has developed and perfected a truly delicious range of Italian style ready to eat Salami and Chorizo winning many awards and accolades along the way and we are honoured to be trusted to take all his hard work on into the future.

We believe our transition into salami and chorizo to be a perfect fit for all concerned and sits perfectly with our steadily growing range of made to order, fresh, deli essentials, from our original Handmade Scotch Eggs to Regatta Pies, Jumble Rolls and Munsley Quiches.. egg’cetera


our Famous FIVE!

The first five of Rich’s award winning recipes made at the eggshed, by the team behind the Handmade Scotch Egg Co ltd



Severn Spots Great Taste award winning handmade British charcuterie, salamis and chorizo are wonderful eaten as a tasty snack on their own, in a sandwich and they can also be used to add great flavour to cooked dishes.

Add Severn Spots Salami/Chorizo to pizza, pasta or omelettes for a great taste!!

Or how about a Mediterranean (Antipasti) platter of Sliced Severn Spots charcuterie, selection of cheeses, olives and fresh bread?

Our products and company are also featured in the British Charcuterie Live Directory.



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