Our salamis and chorizo are wonderful eaten as a tasty snack on their own, in a sandwich and they can also be used to add great flavour to cooked dishes.

Add Severn Spots Salami/Chorizo to any homemade or bought pizza for a great taste!!

Or how about a Mediterranean (Antipasti) platter of Sliced Severn Spots salami and chorizo, selection of cheeses, olives and fresh bread?

Click here for a video from KIS using Severn Spots Chorizo.

Do let us know if you’ve got any favourite salami recipes that you’d like us to add to our list below.

Quick pasta dish
BBC Good Food warm avocado salad with spicy chorizo

Lili in the Kitchen’s chestnut and chorizo soup

Nigel Slater’s sausages and salami lentils

Jamie Oliver’s oven-baked rigatoni with salami

Nigella’s spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes

Gordon Ramsey’s pan-fried scallops & chorizo with parsley salad